A Quick 3-Step Guide to Dog Obedience Training

Finally, obedience training for dogs -made easy!

Dog obedience training is important because dogs are pack animals, accustomed to following a leader.

Within the wolf pack the leadership role is filled by the Alpha wolf, while in your dog’s canine / human pack the role needs to be filled by you, the dog owner.

I say “needs to be”, but of course you do not have to take up the leadership challenge. Just be aware that if the dog does not consider you leadership material, he may assume that he should be the Alpha, and that will lead to all sorts of behavioral problems.

The best way to claim your position as pack leader is to teach your dog to obey you, starting with some basic dog obedience training.

Basic Dog Obedience Training Commands

1 – The “Sit” Command


  • Stand facing the dog, with a treat in your hand
  • Slowly raise the treat about the dogs line of sight
  • The dog’s eyes will follow the treat and he will be forced to sit to keep watching it
  • As the dog begins to sit, give the command “sit”
  • Reward and praise the dog each time he sits
  • Repeat the exercise several times while reducing the frequency of the food reward

2 – The “Down” Command


  • Start with the dog in a sitting position
  • Kneel beside the dog and hold his collar
  • Hold a food treat in front of the dog’s nose, then gradually move it downwards
  • As the treat reaches ground level move it away from the dog
  • The dog will start to lie down in order to follow the treat – as it does so give the command “Down”
  • Repeat several times reducing the food reward. Eventually the dog will respond to the voice command alone

3 – The “Wait,” “Stay” and “Come to Me” Command

  • The dog should be on a lead and in the sitting position (you may want to use an extendable lead for this exercise)
  • Give the command “Wait”, then slowly walk backwards away from the dog to the full extent of the lead
  • Stop at the end of the lead and repeat the command “Wait” while giving a palm-up “stop” hand signal.
  • Now give the command “Come”
  • When the dog reaches you, give the “Sit” command.
  • Wait ’til he sits and calms down before giving praise and/or a reward

When you first get your puppy, the best way to praise him is to say “Good boy/girl” in a high pitched, excited vocal tone and then give the treat reward.

Once your dog can perform these basic commands consistently with treats, gradually phase out the food treats and only praise the dog with a simple “Good Boy (or Girl)” each time the exercise is successfully completed.

Some dog breeds are more patient than others, so you will want to test out different types of treats and find the one they like best.

To effectively phase out food rewards, it’s best to alternate giving verbal praise and giving edible treats so that your puppy can’t predict which one they’re going to get.

These basic dog obedience training command tips will lay a solid foundation for all your future dog training.