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A comprehensive list of common health problems in dogs.

Dog’s are robust animals with strength, agility and lots of energy, so it may seem surprising that they suffer from such a catalog of diseases and ailments. The sad truth is that dogs can suffer from just about any ailment we humans do, and because of selective breeding many of those ailments are intensified.

Fortunately, modern veterinary medicine provides us with a veritable arsenal of treatments and remedies to address most canine illnesses. Our job as dog owners is to be alert to any signs and symptoms that all is not well. Some of these will be obvious, but be aware also of more subtle signals.

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Changes in behavior, routine and demeanor should not be ignored. It’s better to err on the side of caution, because dogs will try to hide their discomfort and pain from us. They are that eager to please.

In this section of the site we discuss common canine health problems. Let the links above be your guide, but please bear in mind that this information is not a substitute for veterinary care. Neither is it intended to be. I urge you to seek advice from a vet for any health problem with your dog, no matter how minor it may seem.