Distinct dog breeds have existed since man first decided that it might be a good idea to selectively breed dogs in order to accentuate certain desirable characteristics.

In the most liberal interpretation of the term, a breed is a group of individual dogs that look the same and have similar behavior patterns. They generally come from a set of ancestors with those same characteristics. And they also ‘breed true’, meaning that they pass those characteristics on to their young.

A dog is identified as a member of a breed through a written record of ancestry called a stud book, which is dog breed info normally maintained by breed clubs or organizations.

There are literally hundreds of dog breeds of every conceivable size, build, coat color and texture, making dogs unique among all animals in terms of diversity. Amazing when you consider that they all share a common ancestor.

In addition to their similar appearance dogs of the same breed also display similar behaviors primarily due to the job they were originally bred for. So a Labrador Retriever will chase and retrieve a ball almost to the point of exhaustion, while a Bulldog wouldn’t bother unless you toss it next to him on the couch!

Check out this list of the most popular dog breeds, together with dog breed info regarding classification and country of origin.

Breed Origin Classification
Afghan Hound Afghanistan Hound
Airedale Terrier England Terrier
Akita Inu Japan Working
Alaskan Malamute United States Working
American Akita Japan Utility
American Cocker Spaniel United States Gundog
American Pit Bull Terrier United States Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier United States Terrier
Argentine Dogo Argentina Guardian
Australian Cattle Dog Australia Herding
Australian Kelpie Australia Herding
Australian Shepherd United States Herding
Australian Silky Terrier Australia Terrier
Australian Terrier Australia Terrier
Beagle England Hound
Bearded Collie Scotland Herding
Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren) Belgium Herding
Bernese Mountain Dog Switzerland Guardian
Bichon Frise Spain, Belgium Companion
Bloodhound Belgium, France Hound
Boerbul South Africa Guardian
Border Collie Scotland, England, Wales Herding
Border Terrier Scotland, England Terrier
Borzoi Russia Hound
Boston Terrier United States Companion
Boxer Germany Guardian
Bull Terrier England Terrier
Bullmastiff England Guardian
Canadian Eskimo Dog Canada Working
Cane Corso Italy Guardian
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel England Companion
Chesapeake Bay Retriever United States Gundog
Chihuahua Mexico Companion
Chinese Crested Dog China Companion
Chow Chow China Utility
Rough Collie Scotland Herding
Smooth Collie Scotland Herding
Dachshund Germany Hound
Dalmatian Croatia Companion
Doberman Pinscher Germany Guardian
Dogue de Bordeaux France Guardian
English Cocker Spaniel England Gundog
English Mastiff England Guardian
English Pointer England Gundog
English Setter England Gundog
English Springer Spaniel England Gundog
Fox Terrier (Smooth) England Terrier
Wire Fox Terrier England Terrier
French Bulldog England Companion
German Pinscher Germany Terrier
German Shepherd Dog Germany Herding
German Shorthaired Pointer Germany Gundog
German Spitz Germany Utility
Giant Schnauzer Germany Herding
Golden Retriever Scotland Gundog
Gordon Setter Scotland Gundog
Great Dane Denmark or Germany Guardian
Great Pyrenees France, Spain Guardian
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Switzerland Guardian
Greyhound England Hound
Hokkaido Japan Utility
Irish Red and White Setter Ireland Gundog
Irish Setter Ireland Gundog
Irish Terrier Ireland Terrier
Irish Water Spaniel Ireland Gundog
Irish Wolfhound Ireland Hound
Italian Greyhound Italy Companion
Jack Russell Terrier England Terrier
Japanese Chin Japan Companion
Japanese Spitz Japan Utility
Keeshond Netherlands, Germany Utility
Kerry Blue Terrier Ireland Terrier
King Charles Spaniel England Companion
Labrador Retriever Canada Gundog
Lhasa Apso Tibet Companion
Maltese Italy Companion
Miniature Pinscher Germany Companion
Miniature Schnauzer Germany Terrier
Neapolitan Mastiff Italy Guardian
Newfoundland Canada, England Guardian
Old English Sheepdog England Herding
Papillon Spain, Belgium, France Companion
Parson Russell Terrier England Terrier
Pekingese China Companion
Pomeranian Germany, Poland Companion
Poodle Germany, France Companion
Portuguese Water Dog Portugal Gundog
Pug China Companion
Pyrenean Mastiff Spain Guardian
Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesia Hound
Rottweiler Germany Guardian
Saluki Iran Hound
Samoyed Russia Working
Schipperke Belgium Companion
Giant Schnauzer Germany Herding
Miniature Schnauzer Germany Terrier
Standard Schnauzer Germany Herding
Scottish Terrier Scotland Terrier
SharPei China Utility
Shetland Sheepdog Scotland Herding
Shiba Inu Japan Utility
Shih Tzu China Companion
Siberian Husky Russia Working
Spanish Water Dog Spain Gundog
Spinone Italiano Italy Gundog
St.Bernard Italy, Switzerland Guardian
Staffordshire Bull Terrier England Terrier
Swedish Lapphund Sweden Utility
Swedish Vallhund Sweden Herding
Tosa Japan Guardian
Weimaraner Germany Gundog
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Wales Herding
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Wales Herding
West Highland White Terrier Scotland Terrier
Whippet England Hound
Yorkshire Terrier England Companion